27 April 2012

On the Move... Again.

I'm not going to lie... I love moving! Well, not so much the process, but the new adventures that await me in a new city.  I have been spending the last several days preparing for the movers and for some reason, it is a little bittersweet.  I guess it usually is.  Leaving one thing, for another, leaving sweet friends to make even more.  We have been incredibly blessed in our short time here. 
Well, on to more cleaning and a massive trip to Goodwill.  How can I always find more stuff to give away?? 

23 April 2012

Nursery Love

I have been planning this little girls nursery for awhile now and I think things are finally starting to come together.  Topsail Blue walls from Sherwin Williams, really light aqua, with coral and pink accents and white twinkly lights and a white crib.  I am so excited! Here are a few things that I have been collecting and making for her.  Also, I have a pin board started that I am over the moon for.  I can not wait to get settled in San Diego to start decorating and nesting!

20 April 2012

A Change in Direction

Life lately is full of change.  The moment that my husband and I have been waiting for all of our marriage is coming.  He is finished with flight school, completed the FRS, and is getting ready to join a squadron.  I am so proud of my helicopter pilot.  We have a sweet little girl on the way, coming oh so soon! And a huge move to San Diego next month.  We are beyond thrilled.  I have just become a stay-at-home mom and wife, a dream come true, one that I hope to never take for granted.  Life is good, but there is so much to process and plan.  Here's to the next 3 months of change!

27 September 2011

Project List.

Sunset in Key West
Vacation was amazing and I have so many things I want to share from our trip. As we move out of vacation mode and back into semi-normal real life, I am making a really fun list of projects to do while Travis is at Seer school next week.  I am going to need lots of things to do to pass the time... things aside from packing and organizing for the movers to come. So, here are the fun things that I am thinking about doing:

-finish the adorable little purse that I am working on... pics soon!
-make a skirt... or two. I think I am going to refashion an old Forever 21 dress that doesn't fit quite right anymore and turn it into a skirt, as well as make one from scratch.  I know Fall is here, but it still feels like Summer, so I am not giving up on skirts yet.
-I have some new frilly, lacy stencils that I am dying to try out on something sweet.
-I have also been thinking a lot about drawing. I don't know what my drawings look like now. They are definitely different from my grad school work, but I want them to have the same feel. Here are words that come to mind... feminine, delicate, lacy, pattern, graphite, translucent paper, play with scale (massive drawings do not fit our lifestyle!), thinking about drawing on fabric/tea towels, coffee/tea stains, paper cutting, still using stencils and free form stencils that I have made, sewing, quilts, maps, transitioning, moving...
I know there are more... I really need to devote some time to playing and figuring out what is going to work for me.  I am excited about the thought of these though.

That's pretty much what's on my mind, except for all of the non-fun stuff like work and moving and all the details associated with that... I'll post pictures soon.